Author: SurajPanigrahi

What does a Biomedical Engineer do?

What does a Biomedical Engineer do? I had the same dilemma when I was an undergrad. Now that I am about to graduate with a Biomedical Engineering degree, I am writing this blog post for the next generation of budding biomedical engineers.

Lean Six Sigma

1.What is Lean? Lean is basically a philosophy that aims at reducing the wastage and maximizing the values being delivered […]

Gene Therapy

Topics: The BasicsGenetic DisordersApplications of Gene TherapyApplications of Tissue Engineering in Gene TherapyPlasmid Banks and other repositoriesResearch Methods used in […]

5 Challenges To Landing An Intern Here are the 5 challenges Communication Skills Email Etiquettes Lack Of Technical Skills Poor Resume and Statement Of Purpose […]