5 Best GRE Preparation Apps

A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score is mandatory to get into a postgraduate program at a top university in the USA. Even several European and Asian universities ask for a GRE score. Although I scored a perfect score of 170 in the quantitative section, I fell short of 17 marks in the verbal section, with my final score summing up to 323/340. I have a separate post for how to prepare for GRE. In this blog post, I will mention 6 best GRE prep apps that helped me with GRE preparation.

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1. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

There are around 1000 words in this app with Easy, Medium and Hard Difficulty level. The app is a kind of flashcard and the best part about the app is that it lists down the words in a sentence. GRE is an exam that’s highly focused on the usage of words in sentences or reading comprehensions. This is the best GRE prep app.

Give an example of how xxxx word meant sth else but turned out sth else.

2. Barron’s 333: This an App

This is not an interactive app. You can search for words in the app. The words are listed in alphabetical order with their meanings listed in another column.  However, this app is good for last minute revision to get an overview of the word list of important GRE words. This is not much useful during your early stage preparation.

Barron’s 1100 Words For GRE: This is an ultimate app for GRE preparation. 

Barron’s 333 Words for GRE: This is another app. these are the high-frequency words. Mastering these words is key to securing above 150 in the Verbal section. 

3. The Economist GRE Daily Vocabulary

4. Vocabulary.com

The android app is a paid version that costs roughly $3. I used the web version of Vocabulary.com extensively for GRE Vocab Prep. You can create your own list of words and practice it again and again. You can customize the list as per your requirements. Let’s say you can create a list of GRE words with the origin of words tracing back to Greek Gods and Greek Mythology. I created such a list and named it ‘GREEK MYTHOLOGY Words’. I added words like Narcissism, Procrustean, Herculean, Bacchanal, Mercurial, Plutocracy, Sisyphean, Martial and Tantalize to the list. This is a great to cluster words and revise.

5. GRE Vocabulary Pictionary

Words + Pictures + Their Use In a Sentence.


6. GRE Vocabulary With Mnemonics

best gre prep app

Lots of advertisement videos will mar your experience. This is a great app as it contains the Manhattan’s 1000 List of Words, Barron’s 1100 as well as Barron’s High Frequency 333 words list. The best part about this app is that it has mnemonics to help you remember words easily. This app is recommended if you have more than 2 months to appear in GRE. You can use it if you are not comfortable in remembering certain words and their usage or if you get confused with 2 words.


Some more apps like Quizlets. All the above 6 apps are popular with many students. I used Magoosh, Vocabulary.com and GRE With Mnemonics for GRE preparation. Although I used  ‘The Economist GRE Daily Vocabulary’ for a few weeks, I later figured out that this is good for advanced vocabulary skills. The words in the app require great skills and nuances which you have very less chance to encounter. You can choose from the above mentioned apps as per your convenience.



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