Data Science For Beginners: Where To Start?

The purpose of writing this blog is to give the early college graduates an insight into the field of computer science, especially the broad picture out there. Although there are several awesome resources and an ample number of tutorials on YouTube, students still get confused with “Where Exactly To Start?”. Back at the Indian Institute of Technology, I had time and again attended several workshops that talked about Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, Robotics and yada yada.

However, very few of them actually showed me where to start. After placements at a multinational IT firm which I didn’t join, I encountered several questions from juniors in their junior year wondering where to start in Data Analytics etc. Hence, I decided to write this post down.

Job Roles

What exactly do the companies want you to do?

If you are from an average engineering college in India, that is any college which doesn’t feature in the top 100 of the NIR ranks, you must be aware that companies like TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, HCL and IBM usually hire students in lot or batches. ‘Mass recruitment’ maybe a derogatory term but that’s the sad reality and let’s face it.

Usually, these companies hire you in the position of an assistant software developer or trainee graduate engineer and train you for almost a year on coding skills. It is not very difficult to get into these companies with basic computer programming skills.

Skills Needed

Programming Languages: C/C++, Java

Other Concepts: Data Base Management System (DBMS), Data Structures and Algorithms, SQL

While the above two skills are enough to get placed in this kind of job roles, you may still want to develop a good background knowledge of LINUX and network theory. Having a good rank in the class, say in the top 50% would increase the chances of being hired.


Here are the 5 best C/C++ and Java Resources to hone your coding skills.

  1. Geeks For Geeks (Free)
  2. C++ Certification By Microsoft
  3. Google For Education ($50)
  4. C++ Essential Training (Free)
  5. Beginning C++ Programming-From Beginner To Beyond ($50)

This is perhaps the most curated course among the previous websites in the list.



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