DAAD Wise Summer Internship in Germany Experience: Yash Mittal

Yash Mittal is a senior undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi. He pursued his internship at TU Kaiserslautern. He was a recipient of the prestigious DAAD Wise scholarship 2017.  Yash shares his internship experience with ‘A Numb Mind’ team. We hope that his tips will be useful for finding an internship in Germany for English speakers and to obtain the prestigious DAAD scholarship program.


I feel very grateful to DAAD organization for providing me the opportunity to undergo the summer training programme in Germany, the land of ideas. This Internship provided me the great learning experience personally as well as academically.

Personal Experience

Right from finding the apartment for living to saying goodbye to colleagues, the summer internship in Germany provided me a great exposure to the European culture.  I learnt to deal with different people beyond nationality and religion. Personally speaking, the experience is ineffable. I got the chance to make new friends from different countries, to know about their culture and traditions. Sometimes, I enjoyed being a part of their festivals and sometimes even guided them to make things better with my knowledge. It is fun when you ask someone to follow your language and enjoy your traditional songs even when they can’t understand a single word, and this results in some hilarious moments.

After some serious work on weekdays, Europe is the best place for enjoying your weekend. I traveled to Paris, Venice, Florence, Milan. My visit to Disneyland Paris will always be etched in my mind. These places not only gave me the cherishing memories but also a great group of friends from different parts of the world who are eager for more plans in future if we meet again. I felt at home (‘Ghar ki Feeling’) when I cooked Indian food with my friends there in the weekend. Those two months of ultimate experience, serious work, weekly evaluation, weekend trips, parties, solo tours and a lot of shopping has added a great chapter to my life which will be bookmarked forever and cannot be replaced.

Academic experience

Title of the project: To develop a speed control system for PMSM Motor.
Software used: Matlab Simulink, Dspace

PMSM stands for ‘permanent magnet synchronous motor’. A closed feedback loop was developed for speed control of PMSM Motor which was the driving component for RC car working on the principle of CAN-BUS for transferring signals from Microautobox II. The system was designed in Matlab Simulink using the library, and a closed feedback loop was developed using PID Controller. Real-time analysis was performed with the help of Dspace software and data was recorded. Response collected or recorded from open loop system was used in system identification toolbox to extract the values for PID Controller considering the State Space function as a plant for the same.

Various iterations were performed with a different type of input signal either standard signals generated by a signal builder or the recorded signals from the remote. These iterations helped us in improving the output response by tuning PID Values. The steering mechanism was also developed which works with the help of two servo motors and the proper ratio was determined to limit the turning radius. In the end, the response was studied and compared with an open loop as well as a closed loop system. Both modes were loaded in Microautobox and can be toggled with the switch in the remote. Some extent of improvement was recognized in the closed loop which involves less commutation noise, better response in incline, graphical study shows the error correction due to noise to maintain the desired RPM set by the user.

international internships for indian students engineering

Academic learning, to say the least, was a great experience because of my labmates. They were working tirelessly on awesome projects which provided me the boost to learning new things and techniques. Adopting German culture in academics and learning has enhanced my seriousness and time management in my life. I look forward to pursuing higher studied in the ‘land of ideas’ and hope to contribute to some interesting projects being in the cosmopolitan environment of the great universities. Further, I would be more than delighted to implement my learning in the development of my home country.


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