Essential Skillsets Required for Your First Biotech Job

Are you stuck at a juncture where you are not sure what skills you need to possess to make it to pharma or Medtech firm? This article is going to give you some insight regarding the skill sets which may help you get through the CV shortlist round

1.Project Management Skills

Project management skills are critical to every industry and not just the biotech sector. Knowledge of ‘Operational Excellence’, ‘Lean Manufacturing Principles’ and ‘Six Sigma Principles’ can give you an edge over the competitors.

Many universities have ‘Project Management’ modules included in their curriculum. However, I have known of several universities like Trinity College Dublin which doesn’t include it in their Bioengineering or Pharmaceutical postgraduate program. In that case, one should focus on learning it online and pursue some certificate courses.

Here are a few online courses (MOOCs) that can help you learn the skills and showcase the certification in your LinkedIn profile or CV:

2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

If you are keen to work on the manufacturing and engineering side of biotech companies, you need the knowledge of ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’. The knowledge of GMP ensures excellent quality of the product manufactured.

Here are a few online resources available to improve your skills.

While the courses are free, it costs $59 to get a certification.

3. Regulatory Affairs

The knowledge of regulatory affairs changes with the job location. However, the ISO standards, European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) and FDA regulations are followed in major parts of the world. Therefore, one needs to be acquainted with these concepts before applying for a biotech job.


Since biotech involves people from a wide variety of backgrounds, the technical skills are likely to vary. For example, a mechanical engineering graduate keen to start a job in a Medtech company like Becton Dickinson (BD) may possess Computer-Aided Design (CAD) skills while a Biochemistry graduate keen to work in Amgen may possess knowledge of protein purification using gel electrophoresis. However, people keen to start in the biotech and pharma sector should have the knowledge of the 3 skills mentioned above irrespective of their technical expertise.


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