Top Universities Without An Application Fee

Are you looking forward to pursuing an International masters abroad but worried about the hefty application and tuition fees? Paying off student debt can often be a nightmare. Tuition fees in top universities of UK and USA have skyrocketed just like a real estate boom in the last decade. Recently, the increase in tuition fees has led to significant drop in the number of applicants to the UK universities. According to a report by BBC, the students in England have become an outlier in their country and they find it cheaper to get a quality education in neighboring Scotland, Welsh and Northern Ireland that are home to some of the excellent universities like the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. Talking about the reputed US universities, a statistic shows that a 1988 Harvard STEM graduate would have to spend $17100 on an average per year during the senior year. In 2018, if he has to send his son to the same stream, he would have to pay over $45000. No doubt, currently over 44 million Americans cumulatively hold a student loan debt exceeding $1.5 trillion.  With tuition fees in several public and private universities taking a spike every year, it boils to an important realization, “Will A University Degree Pay Off?”

Universities also charge a hefty amount as application fees. The application fees to the Swiss universities are reported to be the highest for international students. Both the top Swiss Universities ETH Zurich and EPFL charge 150 CHF (~11000 INR) for an application to their Master’s program. Most US universities charge around $75 for an application. However, they also require GRE and TOEFL scores (only for native English speakers) and sending the scores to a university cost you around $50. So, if you are an Indian applicant looking to apply to the 6 US universities, be ready to spend at least 50,000 INR.

However, there are several reputed universities in Europe which provide the best of the education with low tuition fees and no application fees. Here is a list for your reference.

1. Imperial College London

2. RWTH Aachen

3. TU Munich

4. Paris Tech

5. Gent University

6. Politecnico di Milano

7. University of Glasgow

8. Leeds University

9. University of Sheffield


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