30 Foreign Internship Programs For Indian Students

Internships are now a mandatory part of the engineering curriculum. While some may focus on gaining practical experience in an industry, a foreign internship in a university or a research lab is particularly helpful for students aiming for higher education. My foreign internship during the summer of 2017 helped me bag a spot in the EIT Health-funded master’s program in Biomedical Engineering.

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Although several programs like DAAD, MITACS, Charpak and NTU-India Connect are quite popular and well known, there are several programs that are not so popular or known to students. Hence, I have compiled a list of 30 foreign internship programs for Indian engineering undergraduate students.

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Note: I have ignored internship programmes for arts and other humanities stream in this article.

1. ETH Zurich Summer Internship

ETH Zurich summer internship
The management building of ETH Zurich

The computer science department of ETH Zurich offers paid summer research internship. A list of projects is listed out on their site along with the names of professors. You can directly contact them and if your profile is of interest to them, you would be interviewed. You can have a glance at the internship program here.

2. EPFL Summer Research Internship Program

EPFL Summer Research Internship

The School of Computer and Communication Sciences provides internship opportunities in the summer to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students from Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics and other related disciplines are eligible to apply. Typically, students are a part of a large research project and the interns are paid a stipend to cover their living expenses during the stay.

For the Indian applicants only:

  • Deadline: 15 November
  • Decision On Acceptance: 15 December

Note: To be eligible for the internship, you should be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s program.

There is also a Summer Research Program For Undergraduate Life Science Student. The deadline for this program is January 31, 2018.

3. Ecole Polytechnique International Internship Program

Ecole Polytechnique is a top-ranked French engineering university that features among the top 100 universities of the world in the QS World Ranking. It is a prestigious French Grande Ecole. The internship program at Ecole Polytechnique gives you an opportunity to carry out research for 3-6 months.

The list of projects for the next summer is usually updated by the end of November. It is advisable to get a nod from the professor, prior to applying for the internship program.

  • Duration: 3-6 months
  • Stipend: €550/month
  • Perks: Cheap accommodation in CROUS
  • Application Deadline: mid-February (check for updates)

You can apply for the internship here.

4. Aalto university Internship Programs

Aalto University AScI Internship Programme
Aalto University Campus

Aalto University is an excellent Finnish university which was established as a merger of three major universities in Finland. It excels in multidisciplinary research due to its numerous collaborations with international universities and industries.

Aalto Science Institute AScI Internship Programme gives an opportunity for foreign undergraduate students to get a first-hand experience with research in their areas of interest. This internship is not only meant for pure science enthusiasts but also for budding engineers alike.

  • Deadline for Application: Mid-January
  • Application Start: December
  • Interviews and Selection: February
  • Duration: 12 weeks (June to August)
  • Minimum Salary: €1510/month (Check for the revised salary on their website)

5. MITACS Globalink

MITACS Globalink Internship Application process
MITACS Globalink Internship Application process

Excited about spending your summers in Canada and gaining practical research exposure? Then MITACS Globalink program is definitely for you.

MITACS Globalink Research Internship (GRI) program allows students from India, China, Brazil, and Mexico undertake research projects with a Canadian faculty.

  • Duration: 12 weeks (anytime between May-October)
  • Minimum GPA: 8.0/10 or equivalently 80%
  • Application Deadline: November or early December
  • Scholarship: Stipend (~CAD 200/week)+Accommodation Fees (~CAD 30/day)+ Visa Fee (~CAD 150) +Airfare (~CAD 1500). Total funding amounting to nearly CAD 7000.
  • Additional Perks: Health Insurance, Student Fee in University (if any)

You can apply for this foreign research internship program here.

Here are few tips to improve your SOP for the internship. Give it a read.

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Here is what the students have to say about the program.

MITACS student experience survey 2015 (Source: MITACS)

6. Caltech SURF

Have you ever dreamt of working in a NASA lab?

Well, the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program is one of the most prestigious internships for an engineering undergraduate student which gives you the chance to work at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for your summer internship.

The eligibility for the program requires you to have an overall GPA of at least 2.5/4.0 (usually Indian university grade equivalent of 6.5/10). However, realistically, you would need a grade above 7.5/10 or 75% to stand a good chance.

As a part of the internship application, you have to write a research proposal. If you are selected for the program, you would have to apply for a US J1 visa.

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Stipend: $6,420 for the entire period
  • Perks: Weekly seminar by CalTech professors, professional development programs and weekly student-faculty dinners

Apply now to Caltech SURF!

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7. NTHU Summer Internship Program

8. KU Leuven Internship Program

KU Leauven foreign research internship program
Source: Erasmusu

Every year KU Leuven invites exceptional undergraduate and Master students for a research experience in the science departments for a short period. The application starts in December and closes around mid-January. You can find more about the program here.

One can intern for 3-6 months. A modest stipend is provided for some internships. The intake can be as low as 5 students for the summer internship. The number of internship position varies year to year and subject to the floated projects by faculties.

  • Duration: 3-6 months
  • Intake: 5-10 students (varies)
  • Application Deadline: mid-January

KU Leuven is one of the best universities in Europe. Currently, it ranks 47 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Located close to Brussels in Belgium, KU Leuven boasts of excellent faculties and research labs.

9. RIYA, Ohio State University

RIYA Summer Internship Program for Indian Engineering Students Ohio State University
Source: Ohio State

Research Internships for Young Academics (RIYA) is a program for Indian Mechanical engineering undergraduates to undergo a research internship experience at Ohio State University.

One should be in his third year of Bachelors or Integrated-Dual Degree programme to be eligible for the internship.

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Stipend: $5000
  • Deadline: early September
  • Perks: Student’s faculty receives $500
  • Intake: 4-8 students

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10. Robotics Institute For Summer Scholars, CMU

Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon Foreign Internship for Indian students

Carnegie Mellon University has one of the finest Robotics research facilities in the world. I am a big fan of the founder of the institute, Andrew Carnegie who happens to be the richest man ever. I was inspired by Carnegie so much so that I had applied for postgraduate study there and secured admission into its MS program in Biomedical Engineering, despite knowing that I couldn’t afford it without a scholarship.

Nevertheless, Robotics Institute Summer Scholars (RISS) program is your chance to spend eleven weeks in the institute and immerse in a diverse cohort of scholars in cutting-edge robotics projects. These projects have a real-world impact and the exposure trains you quite well for your further career.

  • Application Deadline: January 15
  • Program dates: May 27 to August 7 (Keep checking for updates)
  • Recent research projects can be explored here.

This is a great foreign internship for Indian engineering students interested in postgraduate MS in the US in the field of robotics. You would need to apply for a J1 US student visa upon acceptance.


12. CERN Summer Student Program

13. DAAD Wise Fellowship For Internship in Germany

14. Charpak Lab Scholarship For Internship in France

Charpak Lab Internship for Indian Students

Charpak Research internship gives you an amazing opportunity to intern in France. France has over 1500 CNRS labs performing research in leading areas of science and engineering. The Charpak internship is meant for science, economics and engineering undergrads. France has some of the best business and engineering schools in the world, making it one of the most popular destinations for international students. So, you can secure an internship in your area of interest and apply for the Charpak Lab scholarship.

  • Duration: May to July
  • Number of students selected: 13 (earlier 26) But this number may vary
  • Application Deadline: early March
  • Application Start: January
  • Results: early April
  • Stipend: €800/month for labs in Paris and €650/month for labs outside of Paris
  • Other Benefits: Visa fee waiver

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15. MTBI Summer Program, Arizona State University

16. CERN Openlab for Computer Science Undergraduates

17. Amgen Scholarship

Amgen Scholarship foreign research internship Program

Amgen Scholarship is perhaps a very prestigious foreign research internship scholarship. There are several editions of Amgen by regions like Amgen Asia, Amgen Canada, Amgen Australia, Amgen US and Amgen Europe.

Amgen Asia presents a great opportunity for foreign internship for Indian engineering students. For the 2020 program, Amgen Asia has 60 intakes with research opportunities in 4 top universities of Asia, namely, National University of Singapore (NUS), Kyoto University (South Korea), Tsinghua University (Taiwan) and The University of Tokyo (Japan).

Amgen Europe has 75 intakes in 2020 with opportunities in 5 universities which includes the prestigious Cambridge University and LMU Munich.

Deadline: February first week

Note: The internship dates vary from one university to another but typically last for 3 months.



20. ISternship Summer Student Program, IST Austria

21. Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships

22. Viterbi India Internship, University of Southern California

23. TEEP Internship in Taiwan

An increasing number of outstanding universities and colleges in Taiwan now offer short term professional and research internship programs for Indian talents. 

Some TEEP foreign research internship programs are suitable for undergraduate students; others are suitable for postgraduate students. Some are professional internships, some are research internships. The practical focus depends on the particular TEEP program that a university is offering.

TEEP programs are available in such fields as ICT (Information Communication Technology), International Consulting, Internet of Things (IoT), Semiconductor, 5G Wireless Communication, Advanced Manufacturing, Wisdom Machinery, Green Energy, Biosensors, Logistics Management, Molecular biology, Smart health care, Mandarin lessons, cultural experience courses.

TEEP@India offers India Talents an exciting opportunity to experience Taiwan’s quality higher education and make personal connections with the Asian job market.

24. TIGP-IIP, Academia Sincia, Taiwan

25. Space Astronomy Summer Program, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

26. OIST Research Internship Program, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

27. UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering Research Internship

28. Khorana Program for Scholars, sponsored by IUSSTF

29. Mechanobiology Internship at National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

Mechanobiology Institute (MBI) offers internships of 3 to 6 months to introduce outstanding candidates to interdisciplinary research in Mechanobiology.

Interns will receive the status of ‘visiting student’ at the Mechanobiology Institute and receive a temporary visitor’s user ID for the National University of Singapore internet and temporary access to MBI premises.

The Mechanobiology Institute (MBI) has already partnered with a number of universities and institutes worldwide. Existing Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) have been signed with 2 Indian institutes:

  • The National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
  • The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, India

Financial Support

MBI will provide stipends to interns at the rates suggested below:

  • Undergraduate Student – S$1,000 per month
  • Graduate student – S$2,000 per month

However, there are no housing benefits. The intern has to seek his own accommodation. Travel and medical insurance, visa fees and other expenses during stay in Singapore would be borne by the intern himself.

How To Apply?

Foreign Research Internship at National University Singapore
Foreign Research Internship at National University Singapore

The applicant has to find a supervisor who is willing to sponsor him/her. One can find a list of PIs and Co-PIs at mbi.nus.edu.sg/research/faculty/. Once you have found a sponsoring supervisor, contact  mbigraduate@nus.edu.sg

The administrative division (MBI Graduate Office) then handles the further processing of application and visa.

30. S.N. Bose Scholarship

SN Bose Scholarship 30 Foreign Internships for Indian Engineering students.

This a programme is sponsored by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) to pursue international internships in the US. In the previous years, students have worked as research interns in universities like Harvard University, Case Western Reserve University, Purdue University, Princeton and Carnegie Mellon University.

This programme has student intakes from only Tier I universities like IITs, NITs, IISc, IIITs, IISERs, and NISERs. However, this international internship is open to students of other Indian universities for the namesake. Applications are accepted through nominations only, that is two applications per stream, per department, per institute.

If you are pursuing Biomedical or Biochemical engineering, you can apply for the Khorana Scholarship, instead of SN Bose Scholarship.

  • Scholarship: Stipend, Health Insurance, Air Fare
  • Student Intakes: Nearly 50
  • Application Deadline: October 31
  • Internship Duration: May -July (3 months)

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