MS in France For Indian Students Had Never Been Better

Studying abroad is a huge investment of time and money. Therefore, one must make informed decisions. With the H1B visa restrictions and a decreasing number of international students from India and other Asian countries in the US, France has emerged as one of the leading and affordable study abroad destinations for higher studies.  

The universities in France feature among the top hundred universities in the QS world ranking and Times Higher Education Rankings. The affordable fee structure, scholarship, job opportunities, and rich culture has attracted many students to pursue MS in France.


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Top ranking universities

Universities in France are world recognized. Some of them are among the top 100 universities in the QS world ranking list, while the other universities hold a good rank list.

1.Universite  PSL: Paris science and letters

Arts, science, and engineering are the core of the university’s intellectual and scientific ambition. The international student count is of 5,430 students  21% of them under the undergraduate program and 79% of postgraduates program.

QS world ranking#50
University aidPublic
Average fees (USD)2000-4000
Average fees  (INR)1.38 Lacs-2.77 lacs
Research OutputVery High
Student intake20,234
Graduate Employability Ranking#4

2. Ecole Polytechnique

It is also known as I’X and it is a leading French institute. It has consistently ranked in the top 100 universities of the world in the last 5 years.

It has about 3000 graduate with 36% of international students. The students to faculty ratio is 5:1, with 8000 square meters of indoor sports facilities and 8 hectares outdoor sports facility.

QS world ranking#65
University aidPublic
Average fees (USD)<2000
Average fees  (INR)<1.38 lac
Research OutputVery High
Student intake2,908
Graduate Employability Ranking#30

3. Sorbonne University

Sorbonne university debuted in the 75th position in the QS World ranking of universities in 2019. Sorbonne university emulates the collegiate universities of the world like Oxford and Cambridge.

Sorbonne is a world-class research university that presents a comprehensive study of arts, social science, science, and engineering. It was established in 2018 by the merger of Paris-Sorbonne University and the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC). While the Paris-Sorbonne University specializes in humanities, UPMC offers excellent research-based degrees in science.

There is even a Sorbonne Universities Association comprising of some other universities apart from UPMC and Paris-Sorbonne. These include UTC Compiegne (where I interned in the summer of 2017) and INSEAD, a leading business school in the world.

QS world ranking#75
University aidPublic
Average fees (USD)<2000
Average fees  (INR)<1.38 lacs
Research OutputVery High
Student intake41,777
Graduate Employability Ranking#151-160

Tuition Fee

The French government subsidizes higher education. Hence, the cost for students is relatively low. The international student tuition fees range from 1000 to 4000 euros per year for the Master’s programmes.

Other than the tuition fees, studying abroad also counts for the living expense. The living for a student in France is not expensive, except for Paris. In cities like Lyon, Montpelier, and Compiegne, you can get going with €600 per month.

The accommodation price in France may vary from city to city. The main housing options for the students in France are:

  • Student hall of residence (CROUS): The expense ranges from € 150 to € 400 per month.
  • Rent and share apartments- the rent range from 400 to 700 euros/month.
  • Host family- it costs about 200 euros/month

However, among all these options, most of the students prefer shared apartments.

French food is delicious and can range to about 10 euros per meal. A person can even manage to spend only 250 euros per month in Paris and much less in other provinces.


Some of the French universities offer 10,000 euros scholarship per academic year of the student. The French ministry of foreign affairs offers scholarship through the Eiffel excellence scholarship programme mainly for students enrolling for master”s courses. The scholarship ranges to about 1,181 euros/month.

Most of the grants are provided keeping the financial condition of the students in mind.

Other major scholarships in France are

Ecole Normale Superieure international selection- this provides 1000 euros stipend for 2-3 years per month.

Ampere scholarship: This covers 1000 euros/month for 12months.

Easy visa applications

It is easy to get France visa as compared to the USA . all you need is to apply by filling the application. Submit the application. then the visa is submitted to the french holders and then they give you back your visa. The application and receiving of data are comparatively fast than that of the USA which more often takes a long time in resident visas.

Post-study work permits for Indian students in France

Everyone looks for better employment after the complement of the course. The expectations for jobs rise as soon as we complete our course abroad. There are different types of visas available for Indian students in France. Especially for masters program, 24-month post study work permit visas are allowed. This means that a student who completes his/her studies in France can extend his/her visa if he has paid employment. This is applicable for both bachelor and master’s program. Though the master’s degree holders have an advantage for applying for a temporary residence permit even without a paid employment for a duration of 24 months.

Job opportunities

For much in history, the French culture has always been a part of the European beautiful culture, it is adaptable, beautiful and ancient. it is easy for the Indians to adapt to the culture and live in France.

French companies like Louis Vuitton, Axa, Christian Dior, L’Oreal, Axe, Garnier offer great job opportunities to the French universities with high salary range and other facilities like housing and food.


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