Schengen Visa Cover Letter

Are you going A Schengen Visa cover letter is written by the Visa applicant to the embassy where the documents of the Visa application are submitted. This article touches all the points which you need to include in your cover letter. I will also attach a generic template that would be useful for students going through a Visa application process to pursue an internship. You can also use the template and modify it according to your Visa type. A cover letter for a tourist visa would be slightly different.


The Schengen Visa cover letter must include:

  • The Purpose of Your Travel
  • Duration of Stay
  • Accommodation Details During The Period
  • Finance

Finance is the most crucial point in the entire application. In order to get an approval for the French Student Visa, you need to demonstrate that you can afford 615 Euros/month. Usually, French labs pay around 550 Euros/month as stipend. So, if you are not receiving any other grants (say Raman Charpak Scholarship), then you need to mention that you are also being supported by parents/guardian.

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Here is a sample cover letter I wrote for my Visa application.


The Consulate General of France

New Delhi

Subject: Application for Student Schengen Visa 

I am a junior undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi. I have to undergo a compulsory summer internship or training at a laboratory or industry as a part of my course curriculum. Biomechanics being my core area of research interest; I applied to the CNRS Lab at YYY University, France. I was accepted into the Lab for a summer internship from May 08 – July 31, 2017.

My project is on ‘mechatronics design of lower limb exoskeleton’. I have undergone specialised coursework on prosthetics and orthotics design by MHRD and I have hands on experience working on electronic circuits and machine design. This justifies my competence. My project will be supervised by Dr. T.T. Rio and Dr. Hilary Christian. I will be receiving stipend of around 550 Euros as per the French Labour Law during my internship period. Any additional expenditure will be borne by my parents. During this period, I will be staying in a private apartment as rent and the ownership details are mentioned in the document attached.

I am keen to pursue further studies and this internship experience would add value to my profile. I am hopeful to come up with a publication by the end of the internship. This internship experience will be a great learning opportunity for me and I am keen to make the most out of it.I look forward to a successful internship experience.


With regards,

Suraj Panigrahi

Passport No.: Pxxxxxx

I have highlighted the most important lines in red. The Visa officers would look into these points and match it with the documents submitted. Schengen student visa takes less than a week to process. However, for a safe side, you should apply at least 2 weeks before your departure. I hope this article proves to be useful.

Do write your doubts in the comment section. If you feel that you have a point that might be of interest to others, consider sending an email.


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