Scope Of Textile Engineering In Biomedical Engineering

Biodegradable materials, such as polylactic acids (PLA), have been successfully used in suture and
osteosynthesis systems. By using PLA as implant material a second operation for implant removal and longterm
foreign body reactions are prevented. In vivo PLA is degraded by hydrolysis and degradation products are
released, which can cause local acidosis. A successful approach for buffering of the acidic degradation products
is the incorporation of amine-based microgels. These additives are heat sensitive therefor solution spinning was
selected as a method for production of PLA monofilaments. Dry-spun PLA monofilaments are inferior because
tensile strength is low and the variation of tensile strength is high. This may result from the kidney shaped crosssection
of the filaments. Thus a solution spinning process is desired, which allows production of PLA filaments
with round cros-section and higher tenacity.


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