3 Airport Packing Hacks To Carry Extra Luggage Without Paying Excess Baggage Fees

How can I carry more luggage than my specified baggage limitations?

I was allowed to carry 23 kg check-in luggage and a hand baggage (+an accessory like a laptop bag) not exceeding 12 kg combined. So, in total, I could carry 35 kgs of luggage. After getting all kinds of stuff lined up for my grad school,  I found my overall luggage to be exceeding by 7 kgs.

I know a few Indian students traveling to the UK, the USA or Europe the first time for their postgraduate study carrying luggage exceeding their bodyweight. They wouldn’t have succeeded in doing that without the generous luggage allowance of 69 kg offered by Air India. However, I booked flights through KLM Airlines as it was relatively cheaper than Air India. I have already mentioned why the European Airlines and Middle Eastern Airlines cost cheaper than flights tracing their origin to some other countries.

The Inspiration

passenger kicked from flight packing hacks
Ryan Wore 8 pairs of trousers and 10 shirts

Surely, my blazer weighed around 0.5 kg and my jacket also weighed around 0.6 kg but I didn’t want to end up like Ryan.

airport hack to carry extra luggage
This Jacket Can Change Travel

Now this is interesting and revolutionary at the same time. Paying off extra before boarding is often hectic. Budget airlines like Ryanair are very scruplous about your carry-on hand baggage.

The Trick Implemented

Since it was just one day before the boarding date that I learned about the jacket, but certainly I could stuff heavier things in the pockets of my jacket. I had 4 pockets and this is what I did.

  • I kept trimmer and universal adapter wrapped in a pack in one pocket. That’s 0.5 grams!
  • Next, I kept 0.5 kgs of almonds in another pocket.  I can always keep it in my laptop bag after the check-in. Every airline is cool with it. Yes, just forgot to mention that I love almonds 🙂
  • I had taken a few grams of pulses for the first few days. Pulses occupy less volume but they weigh quite a lot. I stuffed one more pocket with pulses. Weird but I did it! Hope to hear some great suggestions from my readers.
  • I stuffed the fourth pocket with liquids and cough syrups. Note that denser liquids like cold creams or aloe vera gel have more weight. For example, the aloe vera I was carrying was 150 ml but weighed around 250 grams.

I was wearing another jacket and was holding this jacket (so another 0.6 kg off) which now started to seem like a cargo. So, this jacket helped me carry around 3 kgs of extra luggage. Well, I also used some other tricks to carry 4 kgs extra which I think can’t be described in public due to ethical reasons.


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