16 Non-Schengen European Countries Indian Students In Europe Can Visit Without Visa

The possibility of exploring new cultures and getting international exposure are the perks associated with an international master or study abroad. I still get goosebumps thinking about my first flight which happened to be from New Delhi to Paris. It was the first time I had been out of the country for a summer internship. Although the Indian passport isn’t as powerful as Germany, Singapore or the United States, you can still visit quite a few countries outside the Schengen Region. Here is a list of 15 such countries.


The Carpathian mountains, the Medieval fortresses, salt mines and the lure of an amazing nightlife make Romania an amazing tourist destination. If you are an Indian student with Multiple Entry Long Stay (Student Visa D) Schengen Visa, you can visit Romania without any prior visa a

2. Belarus

If you have a passport with a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa of one of the member-states of the Schengen zone which has been stamped on the entrance in the mentioned state, as well as tickets with confirmation of departure date from “Minsk” National airport, you would not have any issue traveling in Belarus.

3. Gibraltar

Gibraltar Visa Free Entry for Indian Schengen

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, located in the south of Spain, a few kilometers from Malaga. Gibraltar has an amazing history as the Spaniards and the Britishers have fought over the tiny island since the early 18th century.

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Nationals of Morocco, China, Mongolia, India or Russia holding a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa (Student Visa D), can enter, transit and stay in the territory of Gibraltar without needing an additional Gibraltar Visa. The allowed period of stay is 21 days.

4. Ukraine

5. Serbia

6. Russia

7. Georgia

8. Bulgaria

9. Bosnia Herzegovina

10. Kosovo

Foreigners which possess a valid multi-entry Schengen Visa are exempt to obtain a Kosovo Visa to enter, transit or stay in the Territory of the Republic of Kosovo for up to 15 DAYS

11. Macedonia

12. Armenia

13. Kyrgyzstan

14. Turkey

You can travel, transit or stay in Turkey up to one month if you possess a valid multiple-entry Schengen Visa. However, you need to get an e-visa beforehand here.

15. Croatia

Since the 22nd of July 2014, the Republic of Croatia has entered into force the decision to allow all foreigners holding valid Schengen Visa to enter, transit and stay in its territory without needing to provide an additional Croatian visa. The allowed period of stay is 90 DAYS within any 6-MONTH period.

16. Cyprus

Foreigners are excused from having a Cypriot Visa if they possess a valid Schengen Visa (type C, double or multiple-entry) if they want to enter, transit and stay in the territory of Cyprus.


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