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Tata Power Share price target

Can Tata Power Stock Reach ₹1000 by 2023?

Tata Power stock has been one of the best performing Indian stocks in 2021. In 2021, the Year-to-Date Return for ...
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5G Indian Stocks To Buy: Be an Early Bird Investor

5G Technology is not just about increased data speed and lower latency, it is a revolutionary technology. 5G can open ...
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IBEX 35 Spain 35 Reflation Trade

Spanish Index IBEX 35 is an Untapped Goldmine in 2021

The American stock market in 2021 has been a tug of war between the ''Growth'' and ''Value'' stocks so far ...
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sovereign debt

6 Countries that Missed Sovereign Debt Due To COVID-19

According to World Economic Forum, a record number of countries are piling up on sovereign debt amid the COVID-19 pandemic ...
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highest interest rate on savings

How To Earn The Highest Interest Rate On Savings?

During my internship in France in 2017, I opened a current account with Société Générale bank. I was really surprised ...
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fundamental analysis of a stock

15 Online Trading Platforms for residents of European Union

Finding the right discount broker in EU is a hassle for a foreigner, especially to the complex banking system between ...
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Tiger economy Baltic tiger Celtic tiger

Economic Tigers of The World

Economic power gives you the chance to dominate the world. The US, Germany, and the UK are the economic powerhouses ...
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Stocks during Corona virus

Investing in Indian Blue Chip Stocks During COVID-19 and Recession

What are some of the BIG companies that come to your mind when you talk about the Indian market? Tata ...
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fundamental analysis of a stock

Ultimate Guide To Fundamental Analysis of A Stock

There are two kinds of analysis for a stock: Fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Technical analysis is important for daily ...
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Entrepreneurship versus Business

Difference Between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur

When I was in high school and the early days of engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, I had ...
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