32 Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip Startups

Microfluidics is a key technology to develop miniaturized diagnostics and analysis systems. The ‘Organ-on-a-chip’ market is estimated to reach over $6 billion by 2025 (Source: Research and Markets). Here are 32 innovative lab-on-a-chip startups making an impact in high throughput drug screening and point of care diagnostics.

1. Micronit

2. Emulate Bio


4. BEOnChip

5. Nortis Bio

6. TisssUse

7. InSphero

8. Elvesys

9. Mesobiotech

10. AxoSim

11. Tara Biosystems

12. Hepregen

13. Hurel Corporation

14. Cherry Biotech

15. Alveolix

16. BiomimiX

17. BioIVT

18. 4D Cell

19. Fluigent

Fluigent is an ISO-9001 certified organization involved in manufacturing and R&D of microfluidic pressure control valves and OEM microfluidic devices. As of March 2020, Fluigent has more than 4000 instruments being used in over 40 countries. It has two subsidiaries, one in the US and the other in Germany.

20. 1Drop Diagnostics

21. Achira Labs

  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Team Size: 20-30

Achira Labs is one of the first innovative Microfluidic and Lab-on-a-chip startups from India. This startup is based in Bangalore, co-founded by Dr. Dhananjaya Dendukuri, an alumnus of IIT Madras and MIT, and Dr. Suri Venkatchalam, an alumnus of IISc Bangalore.

Achira Labs develops innovative lab-on-a-chip devices for point of care diagnosis. ACIX200 is a microfluidic platform developed by the company which can quantify hormonal levels in blood in a short span of time. As of March 2020, the company claims to have clinically validated the device for quantifying Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) level in blood. It also offers other products like a sperm selector for intrauterine insemination called ‘U Select‘.

22. Ananda

23. Astraveus

24. AIM Biotech

It’s an MIT-based spinoff that lets researchers coculture various cell types.

25. Veredus Labs

26. Vasculogic

27. MK Fluidics


29. Cambridge Lab-On-A-Chip

30. Convitect Inc.

31. Fluicell

32. Minifab

This microfluidic startup is based in Germany.


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