Building My Startup Day by Day

I have the concept of an EdTech startup and I am keen to succeed in it. I am a Biomedical and Mechanical engineer with no prior full-stack web development experience. I built this blog ‘A Numb Mind‘ using WordPress. So, I have little experience with PHP server-side programming as WordPress uses PHP for its content management system (CMS). However, I am well-versed in Python programming. So, here I am writing down my journey for the startup.

I have already brainstormed enough on the business idea and I am up for my coding journey. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 1

Which framework should I use?

A genuine question. Let’s look at some similar websites using the various frameworks and JavaScript libraries. I will look up for the frameworks that Practo is using via W3Techs. Here I go.

So, Practo uses PHP and JavaScript (Node.js) for server-side programming. Node.js is typically useful in improving the website loading time.

Although PHP is widely used, I find that it has so many complex naming conventions. But Python is perhaps one of the simplest programming languages out there. Moreover, Python has several built-in libraries if I need to incorporate features involving Natural Language Processing (NLP). So, let’s go with Python.

Now Python can be used with Django as well as with the Flask framework. Most bloggers on the web say that Flask is more suitable for beginners. So, I trusted these guys and went with Flask. But I need to learn JavaScript, especially Node.js.

Following a Tutor or Online Course

I am following Full Stack Web Development with Flask course module on LinkedIn Learning.


I am super motivated now. I installed for my IDE. Let’s download Node.js and Postman.

Day 2 (19 May 2020)

Basic site building using Flask framework. A sample database creation, followed by the basic UI/UX designs.


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