SOP Drafting Assitance

A ‘Statement of Purpose (SOP)’ or motivation letter can make a huge difference in your college admission. Most of the universities in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, UK and some universities in France and Germany require you to submit this during the application.

Some of the American universities like the University of Texas at Austin also require you to submit a ‘Personal Statement’ in addition to the ‘Statement of Purpose’. These 2 letters have slightly different requirements. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend a generalized formula for drafting an SOP. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the student on a case by case basis and try to draft a personalized SOP.

Why Do You Need To Invest Time and Effort For Drafting a Winning SOP?

  • Scholarships: SOPs form a crucial part in helping the university board select you for scholarships.
  • Compensate Your Poor Grades: A bad semester or negligence may result in a poor grade. We at ‘A Numb Mind’ believe that one semester of poor grade can’t ruin your dreams. A good SOP can explain this to the admission committee.
  • Explain Your Additional Endeavors: The University of Texas receives over 200,000 applications every year. Less than 10% get in. Grades are important, but not enough to get you through. Your SOP should tell a tale that sets you apart from the crowd.

How Are We Different From Other Players In The Market?

  • Experience: The founder of this EdTech portal himself applied to 13 universities in the US, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. He received admits from the like of Imperial College London and Carnegie Mellon, before settling with RWTH Aachen, Germany with a scholarship. We understand what it takes to get in.
  • Price: We offer the lowest price than other players in the market. We know that the cost of application is already a burden for the students and we don’t want to add more.
  • Additional Service: We are committed to helping the students who take our services in other stages of the application by answering queries through the mail.

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