8 Best Student Travel Groups In Europe

2. pm2am  Student Trips

We are pm2am – Student Trips, specializes in organizing trips for students from Germany and all over the world who want to discover the beauty of Europe. Travel comfortably while encountering new people and places! Our friendly team leaders are always there to answer your questions or help you with any information you need. The trips we offer will be the highlight of your time studying abroad, so don’t miss out!

Every month we travel to discover new places: Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, Paris, Prague, Venice, Vienna, Zurich and many more! Currently operating from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, our vision is to extend our trip portfolio and grow our bus network, to service as a pan-European travel partner to students and young professionals. Watch out for the next departure near you!

For trip enquiries, last minute tickets or any other trip-related questions, please write an e-mail to: travelagent@pm2amtrips.com

2. WSA (Weekend Student Adventures) Europe

Andy Steves, son of travel guru Rick Steves, created WSA to offer “fun, no-nonsense, affordable, and memorable weekend trips” to college students.  I met Andy while studying abroad in London and had many friends that went on his weekend adventures. If you are studying in Europe, WSA has trips in Italy, Hungary, the UK, Ireland, France, Amsterdam, and more. All trips are led by local tour guides who grew up in the city you will be traveling to, so you can make sure to expect a sincere cultural experience.



3. Studifahrten


4. Contiki

Offering travel packages to people between the ages of 18-35 years old, Contiki caters specifically to students and youth who want to explore the globe. With different trips spread out over five continents, you can plan on spending anywhere between a few days to a few weeks abroad. Most of their trips take you to multiple countries or cities as well, so expect to get the most out of your money.



With trips to both European and Latin American destinations, AESU offers both graduates and students the chance to travel with their peers. They also have occasional deals on their trips which offer a couple hundred dollars off of the original price.

6. Wanderlust Trips


7. Yes-Trips

8. EF College Break

EF College break also offers trips to five continents with flights included. They have many holiday trips as well, so you can celebrate New Years in Paris, Amsterdam or London, or spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Trips are anywhere between 6-35 days, so pick the duration that best suits you.


9. Bus2Alps

Another travel group based in Europe, Bus2Alps gives students the chance to do day trips, weekend trips, or Spring/Summer break trips. Although most trips are based only in Europe, there are many adventure packages you can add to your travel experiences such as skiing, skydiving, and parasailing. It’s the perfect way to end a study abroad experience.


There are other Travel Groups which claim to plan itinerary suitable in budget. But even I find that expensive unless you have earned a hefty stipend in your summer break or your dad/mom is generous enough. For the sake of completeness of information, I am jotting it down for you:



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