European Countries Indians Can Travel Without Visa

  1. Ukraine
  2. Serbia
  3. Russian Regions
  4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. Armenia
  6. FYROM Macedonia
  7. Georgia

The Icing On Cake

There are countries like Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina which you can visit if you possess a multiple entry long stay VISA. However, for these countries, a return ticket within 5 days of arrival is necessary.

For Belarus

If there is a valid document for travel abroad with valid multiple visa of one of the
member-states of the European Union or the states-participants of the Schengen zone with a
mark on the entrance in the mentioned states, as well as tickets with confirmation of departure date
from “Minsk” National airport.

Since the 22nd of the July 2014, the Republic of Croatia has entered into force the decision to allow all foreigners holding valid Schengen Visa to enter, transit and stay in its territory without needing to provide an additional Croatian visa. The allowed period of stay is 90 DAYS within any 6-MONTH period.

Foreigners are excused from having a Cypriot Visa if they possess a valid Schengen Visa (type C, double or multiple-entry) if they want to enter, transit and stay in the territory of Cyprus.

Nationals of Morocco, Chinna, Mongolia, India or Russia holding a valid multiple-entry Schengen Visa, can enter, transit and stay in the territory of Gibraltar without needing an additional Gibraltar Visa. The allowed period of stay is 21 DAYS

Foreigners which possess a valid multi-entry Schengen Visa are exempt to obtain a Kosovo Visa to enter, transit or stay in the Territory of the Republic of Kosovo for up to 15 DAYS

Turkey: You can travel, transit or stay in Turkey up to one month if you possess a valid multiple entry Schengen Visa. However, you need to get a e-visa here.


Isle of Wight is controlled by the Spanish and Gibralter by British.

Gibralter is a British Overseas Territory which you can travel

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