6 Learning Resources For Medical Device Developers and Enthusiasts

Finding a blog on writing a piece of code is easy. There are hundreds of blogs and online portals like Code Academy and Geeks for Geeks out there. However, there are very few meaningful resources on the web that cut short your hunt for recent developments in the MedTech industry, learning resources for quality, the ISO standards involved, various design controls and the production process. Therefore, I have come up with 5 such resources which I found really useful in my skill-building.

Note: If you are into the development of diagnostic tools or lab automation kits, you need to know the protocols followed during the cell culture experiments. Hence, I have included the fifth resource for you on the list.

1. Med Gadget

2. Qualsys

3. Greenlight Guru

4. Medical Device HQ


JoVE provides access to video tutorials for various biopharma techniques from top laboratories across the globe. FYI, JoVE is the only peer-reviewed scientific video journal, publishing hundreds of videos every month.

The CEO of JoVE, Moshe Pritsker was frustrated following poorly written text protocols in a stem cell lab at Princeton. He found it difficult to perform crucial steps in the experiments without the supervision and help from a senior researcher.

Interestingly, I had similar experiences as Moshe during my coursework. I had one of the hardest times working with cell culture experiments when I made a transition from mechanical engineering to biomedical engineering. During my internship at Leibniz Institute in Germany, I made a blunder that made a week’s work null and void.

I wasn’t aware of JoVE before. After that incident, I decided to look for online reliable resources to learn the techniques beforehand. I resorted to the JoVE videos for getting a pre-idea about the classroom demonstrations which helped me grasp the concepts better.

Today, JoVE is used by several biopharma companies to train new employees or new users. It saves them over hundreds of thousands of dollars on the training budget.

According to the website, Biogen saves nearly $100,000 every year on their training budget. A scientist at GSK saved 2 months of her time to explain a pneumonia model by simply making a video on JoVE.

Note: JoVE has made all its educational video free until June 15, 2020.



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