budget travel venice italy

12 Reasons to Travel To Serbia

Serbia or Srbija was the heart and soul of the former Yugoslavia. India was a strategic ally of Yugoslavia and ...
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European countries without visa for Indians

10 European Countries to Travel With Irish Residence Permit and Indian Passport

Getting a Schengen Visa every time you want to plan your vacation, despite living in a European country can be ...
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Serbian Dinar

Serbian Dinar: The Face of Serbian History

The currency of a country speaks volumes about its history and culture. Serbia is a country rich in history. When ...
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Is it safe to take taxi in Romania

Is It Safe to Take Taxi in Romania?

Two up casino no deposit bonus codes oct 2021 Online gambling is a serious business and when you play, we ...
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Romania Travel Tips

20 Ultimate Budget Travel Tips Before Visiting Romania

Romania is a very underrated travel destination in Europe. One of the many reasons is the spread of misinformation. A ...
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Dolphinarium Varna

The Darker Side of Dolphinariums

Dolphins are one of the smartest mammals. They can mimic voices, demonstrate empathy, grief, and joy. There are around 40 ...
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EU Immigration

10 European Countries with High Immigration

The last decade has seen massive immigration to Europe from the Middle East. Europe is currently witnessing the biggest refugee ...
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Romania Schengen Parliament

Can Romania Join The Schengen Soon?

I went on a budget trip to Romania in early November 2021 during the COVID pandemic. I traveled for almost ...
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is Ireland socialist or capitalist

Is Ireland Socialist or Capitalist?

Ireland is a democratic republic with a very strong Capitalist system. In fact, Ireland is more capitalist than the United ...
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student travel trips in Europe

9 Best Group Student Travel Trips In Europe

Student travel trips in Europe is a budget-friendly way to explore the continent. If you are an exchange student from ...
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6 Dishes You Must Try On A Student Trip To Ukraine

Ukraine, the Eastern European country is often referred to as the ‘breadbasket of Europe’. The subtropical climate allows farmers to ...
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3 Airport Packing Hacks To Carry Extra Luggage Without Paying Excess Baggage Fees

How can I carry more luggage than my specified baggage limitations? I was allowed to carry 23 kg check-in luggage ...
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Lubeck Holstein Gate Germany

16 Non-Schengen European Countries Indian Students In Europe Can Visit Without Visa

The possibility of exploring new cultures and getting international exposure are the perks associated with an international master or study ...
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11 Fascinating Things About Paris You Never Knew

Paris, the fashion capital of the world, houses grandiloquent monuments that mesmerize travelers from across the globe. While the Baroque ...
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hiking student trip in Europe

5 Hiking Trails In Europe That Can Mesmerize You

If you are keen to spend time amidst wild forests, magnificent landscapes and walk through the rocky trails in the ...
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Notions that Foreigners have about India

I got an opportunity to intern at a CNRS Lab at Compiegne, a small city close to Paris. During my ...
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places for music lover

11 Places In Europe All Music Lovers Should Visit

No wonder William Wordsworth was mesmerized by the melancholic strain of the solitary reaper in the Scottish highlands that he ...
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Why Globetrotting In Your 20s Should Be In Your Bucket List?

I always knew I would study abroad during my college career. I applied and was accepted to my program of ...
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5 Road-Trip Groups In India You Would Want To Join For Your Next

1.Devil On Wheels https://devilonwheels.com/about/ 2. The Big Bang Trip My front page ...
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Reasons NOT To Take A Gap Year And Go Backpacking

fff While several guys and typical travel bloggers may encourage you to take a gap year and go backpacking, I ...
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Heineken Experience Entry fee

The Heineken Experience: A Teetotaller’s Perspective

Three pint-sized glasses of ‘Heineken’, one of the most popular beer brands in the world may bring a smile on ...
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