Entrance Exam 12 PCM Indian Students

15 Entrance Examinations After 12th PCM

The period after the class 12 board examinations is very stressful for most students. Students who have planned things well ...
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Skills for Biomedical and pharma job

Essential Skillsets Required for Your First Biotech Job

The biotech sector mainly includes MedTech and Biopharmaceutical companies. Biotech companies hire graduates in manufacturing, engineering (maintenance), quality, operations, Research ...
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Changes that I see after IT-BHU became IIT (BHU)

A motivating line which I came across once is “The journey is the ultimate destination.” I am writing about the ...
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coaching for IIT

Best Coaching For IIT

Once a wise hermit said “You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.” I ...
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