Pharma Bioreactors

Ultimate Tutorial On Bioreactors

In biopharma, cells are grown in bioreactors in order to generate protein products that are used as therapeutic agents. Biopharma ...
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how are induced pluripotent stem cells obtained

How induced Pluripotent Stem Cells are created?

Pluripotent stem cells have tremendous potential in regenerative medicine. Pluripotent stem cells have the capability to develop into all the ...
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Lab-on-a-chip startups

32 Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip Startups

Microfluidics is a key technology to develop miniaturized diagnostics and analysis systems. The 'Organ-on-a-chip' market is estimated to reach over ...
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Top 30 3D Bioprinting Startups

1. regenHU 2. Aspect Biosystems 3. Pandorum Technologies 4. Organovo Holdings Inc. 5. Precise Bio 6. Ourobotics 7. REGEMAT 3D ...
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Scaffold approaches in Tissue Engineering

Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Topics: Scaffold Approaches in Tissue EngineeringScaffold Fabrication TechniquesPhysiochemical characterization of scaffolds 1. Scaffold Approaches in Tissue Engineering There are basically ...
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What does a Biomedical Engineer do?

Gene Therapy

Topics: The BasicsGenetic DisordersApplications of Gene TherapyApplications of Tissue Engineering in Gene TherapyPlasmid Banks and other repositoriesResearch Methods used in ...
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